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The Mages Guild Coat of Arms by Tamriel-Rebuilt
The Mages Guild Coat of Arms
The oldest Empire-sanctioned Guild in existence, the Mages Guild's coat of arms is definitely unique and exotic in design. The origin story of the coat of arms remains a mystery -- some say it was first drawn by Vanus Galerion himself -- but as for the symbol itself there are two popular interpretations. First, it clearly resembles the star constellation of Ritual, a charge of the Mage constellation. Second, it symbolizes the eye of Magus--the primordial God of Sorcery--whom to us uninitiated in the arcane mysteries is known simply as the Sun. Indeed, both the Sun and the Stars are known by mages and astronomers as 'gateways' through which magicka flows to our mortal plane.

Original artwork by Rats, for use in an in-game book.
The Fighters Guild Coat of Arms by Tamriel-Rebuilt
The Fighters Guild Coat of Arms
Originally a mercenary fighting force of the Akaviri Potentate, the Fighters Guild was awarded its coat of arms by the Imperial College of Arms in the signing of the Guild Act in 2E 321. The Guild's sigil is stylized after a heraldic achievement. It consists of a plain black-and-white shield with crossed longswords in the background, which in the original Second Era design were curved and single-edged after Akaviri fashion. Nowadays the arms in the background are allowed to vary depending on the region where a Guild chapter operates. For example, a chapter in Skyrim might use crossed axes instead of longswords.

Original artwork by Rats, for use in an in-game book.
The Vaynth Wyrm by Tamriel-Rebuilt
The Vaynth Wyrm
A fine example of a more recent rendition of the Imperial Dragon is the Vaynth Wyrm, which has been around for only a little over two decades. Named after the controversial Duchess Vaynth of Firewatch who commissioned it in 3E 394, the wyrm has been the official sigil of the Imperial stronghold ever since. The coat of arms pictures a firebreathing dragon standing on guard atop the famous Firewatch lighthouse. The aggressiveness of the beast is due to an armed conflict between Firewatch and its rival Old Ebonheart at the time of its creation. In fact, the original Vaynth Wyrm was reversed horizontally so it breathed fire to west, towards Old Ebonheart.

Original artwork by Rats, for use in an in-game book.
The Twin Lions by Tamriel-Rebuilt
The Twin Lions
The lion as a heraldic motif can be traced all the way back to Second Era High Rock. Some eight hundred years ago it served as the standard of King Emeric of Wayrest, and later became a symbol for the whole Iliac Bay region. It might be surprising to encounter such a western symbol so far away in the east, but the reason for the lions' popularity in Morrowind lies in the province's recent history. Barenziah, the Queen Mother of Morrowind, was also the Queen of Wayrest during her period of exile. A popular notion is that the two lions represent her royal children: Helseth and Morgiah, who spent a great deal of their lives in Wayrest where they received a western noble's upbringing, hence being depicted as lions.

Original artwork by Rats, for use in an in-game book.


Tamriel Rebuilt
Tamriel Rebuilt is a community mod project which aims to recreate portions of The Elder Scrolls universe. We are currently finishing the province of Morrowind for TES III: Morrowind
Using our own stylistic interpretations along with established TES lore, we intend to flesh out this province and create an engaging gameplay experience. We are approaching this enormous task on a region by region basis, selecting small portions, developing them fully and moving on. This will not only enable us to explore all areas of TES modding, but will allow us to take advantage of the broad range of talent available in our community.

We have a number of organized departments working on the various aspects of our mod. These include, but are certainly not limited to: Concept Art, Objects of Tamriel (custom assets), Literature, Sound and Music, Exteriors, Interiors, and Quests.

If you would like join us in modding Morrowind, or if you would simply like to know more, visit our forums at, or log onto our IRC channel. We'll see you there!

Copyright disclaimer: All artwork on this page is owned by the respective artists and has been donated to TR. Do not use this artwork without the consent of the artist.
In a few years time, a lot can happen. It's no different with us at Tamriel Rebuilt, and this made us realize we needed to update our gallery.

We're adding quite a bit of new art made in the last couple of years, and it's great to be showcasing the work made by many of our talented developers in this way. Among other things, this includes new literature and accompanying illustrations, but also new concept art and screenshots of various locations throughout the project.

To make browsing the gallery a bit easier, we've reorganized the categories to be more clear about which project it refers to. For example, we've split concept art into a Hammerfell and Morrowind section.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the new entries and continue to follow us, both here and on our website!

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will be watching you ! great artworks..i love TES =D
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Very cool and very impressive! I will be watching you^^
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drop a line to this guy Ihoe [link] his mods have some nice armors ,maybe you could get him on bored with this project!
UltimateBrainwasher Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2009
I have some concepts of Orrdinator armor. Can you make me a member?
Tamriel-Rebuilt Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2009
This is TR's art showcase, not an art community. Please post any concepts you have in the Tamriel Rebuilt forums. [link]
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Keep up the excellent work, all!
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Nice job!
Wolf55 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2009
O.o i get confused with some of the concept arts. I can not always tell if things are for morrowind or oblivion. I think that they should be seperated. O.o

I still like the website.
Tamriel-Rebuilt Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2009
I'll try and make a habit of adding that info to the artwork comments. I guess for us at TR, it kinda goes without saying.
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